Sunday, September 4

The Tim Tam Chocolate Product and the Unexpected Fungus Surprise!

I'm not one to buy chocolate for casual eating purposes. If there's any lying around the house I will munch them.

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But sooneth did I spake words of mine, TimTams aplenty before me laid spreaded.

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Concerned not I of the date of expiry. For time left it has for two months till February.

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But oh woe and alas funky fungus sneaked up all upon us.

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But time for me t'was not on my side, for sadly by then I've taken a huge bite.

Yes, I butchered poetry.

No refunds.

The best bit was when I thought to myself as I took a big chomp of the thing, "Oh my, what an interesting texture this particular Tim Tam flavour brings to my sensitive tongue."

Then I took a closer look.

Then I spat like a water sprinkler.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Arnott's here. We'd really like to try to get to the bottom of your 'unexpected surprise'. Can you please give our Consumer Contact Centre a free call on 1800 24 24 92? Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards.

Strange Young Man said...
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Strange Young Man said...

Hi Arnott's. What sensitive web scouring skills you have. But its great to see that Arnott's cares. :D

I would prefer to communicate by email if it's alright with you.

[email] please, cheers.